Currently around here | COVID

March was interrupted right in the middle. Well, almost. Lockdown for us in Puerto Rico started in March 16 but everyday life continued as usual-ish for us because we work in a hospital, second or third line, though. Was has changed a bit has been not being able to see our family as we used to (but FaceTime!) and that the times when we can go out (besides work) are restricted. I am actually glad that we don’t have social obligations right now. Don’t tell anyone, please!

I am aware that I’m writing this from a position of privilege and I am completely grateful, but this is how’s been for us around here. March was mostly about home cooked meals, lots of rest, watching the news, laughing at memes, cleaning around and Netflix. But it was also about uncertainty and deep breaths. The news have been very discouraging locally and around the world. Some days I’m afraid I could get COVID at work but at the same time I’m immensely thankful for being able to work and keep earning money for my family.

During the past weeks I have been amazed by all the goodness that artists and creators are sharing on the Internet, all the kindness that business owners and citizens in general are spreading. I am very appreciative of all the words of comfort that I’ve found online and all the reminders that every persons way to handle this situation is totally valid. And I have been more in touch with myself and my feelings and drawing them out. It was a good month after all. And here’s my currently list for March:

LOVING: My 2019 Life Book and Spain photo book from Blurb that came in the mail.

MAKING:Granos de Humacao and DIY face shields at work.

(STILL) READING: When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron.

FEELING:Overwhelmed and worried because of COVID-19.

WATCHING:Manifest season 2 in and How To Get Away With Murder Season 6 (both in Hulu)

LISTENING:To all the news about COVID-19.

THINKING:About being rejected from three job interviews.

PLANNING: To start a VA business.

ENJOYING:The Ben & Jerry’s cookie dough bites.

Favorite photo from March:

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