Life Book 1Q 2020

These past two years I have chosen a very minimal way to document my memories. I have been using little or no scrapbooking products making my main focus words and photos. For that reason I have been hesitant to share my pages; I think that they have nothing extravagant that could inspire others.

I know that many people (like me at some point) are intimidated by super crafty projects and they end up doing nothing with their stories and photos. So here’s a slideshow of my January to March pages just in case they can spark a little inspiration to at least pull words and photos together.

Regarding the “stories”, for this 2020 project I am just writing what we did each day. More detailed stories will go to my commonplace book (along with other stuff such as my Just Writes pages, screenshots from the Internet, books I’m reading, show I’m watching, etc…).

Digital products used:

Paislee Press Everyday Memories Kit (wood grain and other patterns)

Paislee Press Monthly Vol. 7

“This week” word art made by yours truly in Procreate.

One thought on “Life Book 1Q 2020

  1. Vicmarie! I love this. So simple and perfect. I am one who never starts because of overwhelm. Did you use a template for your pages? If so-I’d love to know where you got them.


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