Currently around here | March 2020

It seems that March is the month where all the new year magic vanishes for me. Apparently in March the pages of my planner stay blank and my projects fall behind. The past few weeks it has been just my basic life obligations and my phone. I know I feel low or anxious or depressed as soon as I start neglecting my hobbies and focusing on unintentional scrolling on Instagram.

These times we’re living due to COVID-19, have brought lots of self reflection and time to reconnect with the things I love, especially this first weekend of distancing and no social obligations.

Previously, after falling behind, I always tried to catch up on everything I had planned. Write all the blog posts I hadn’t written, answer all the journaling prompts I hadn’t answered, draw all the sketches I hadn’t drawn, filling all the planner pages that were empty… And I ended up hating the process and feeling mentally exhausted and overwhelmed.

This weekend I just focused on my memory keeping projects, so my precious stories aren’t lost, and made plans to start from zero with everything else. The long weekend plus the lockdown/curfew were pretty helpful. I ended up recharged and hopeful that can go back in track with my projects just the way I was at the beginning of the year.

I should mention that I am in awe of all the creators and artists from the world that are offering free/discounted products, live videos/tutorials/concerts. I feel honored by their kindness and their initiative to help everyone, especially those who are staying at home for long periods of time. I appreciate not only the content, but also that they are showing up and putting themselves out there to make this process less lonely.

I know that I write all this just for me but here’s a “currently” list. Just for me and for the record…

LOVING: The recharge time I just had this weekend and the Amber Rae “Journal Your Feelings” prompts.

MAKING: Home cooked meals more often.

READING: When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chodron.

FEELING: Motivated to go back to my hobbies.

WATCHING: Timeless in Hulu and Harry Potter movies.

LISTENING: Romantic songs in Spanish from the 90s on Spotify.

WISHING: To be recruited by another employer.

PLANNING: To choose a specific day to work on each hobby/project.

DREAMING: With having my own virtual assistant and design business.

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