Photo a day challenge

One of the things I miss every year in my memory keeping projects is that sometimes I don’t take photos of certain things throughout the year. And by certain things I mean very simple things from everyday life that often go unseen.

Taking photos of everyday stuff

To make sure I add a bit of everything, I decided to make a list to cover three months of everyday photos. I looked around my home to choose these prompts making sure that they were things that I could photograph no matter what happened each day. Most of the prompts are about home but I’m also including prompts to cover my work life among other things.

Choosing the prompts

I’m seeing it as a challenge because taking specific photos each day is something I don’t do routinely. When I came up with the idea, I wanted to make a list of 365 photo prompts but I couldn’t even make it halfway. So I decided to make it a quarterly project. Each quarter I will take the same photos which is also cool because I will get to see the same subjects under changing circumstances.

How I’m making it work

I completed the prompt list in December and at the beginning of January I added them to my planner and to the Reminders app in my iPhone. Since I have my phone/watch every days with me, it is easier for me to remember. I take the photos, edit them (if necessary) and add them both to my Day One journal and to my commonplace book project pages (in Affinity Photo app).

I still don’t know if I will do this or how but I would like to create some layouts at the end of the year that compare each prompt with those of every quarter.

What I’m capturing in this project

Some examples of the photo prompts I chose are:

  • A selfie
  • Today I wore
  • Week day/weekend breakfast
  • Artwork
  • On my desk
  • Cleaning products
  • From where I stand
  • Plants
  • Front door
  • Morning bed

I created a generic list of all my prompts just in case they’re helpful in any of your memory keeping projects. You can download it here.

Some extra ideas & thoughts

If you often find yourself frustrated because you have nothing to document about, this photo challenge is great. Maybe you can add a short caption to each photo or write a whole story about it. May be you can create a collage or a simple layout (like I’m doing) and just put the photos with the date and that’s it. Maybe this can be part of your family scrapbook or you can create a separate project/album to showcase them. Maybe you can post them to Instagram with a special hashtag or keep them in a digital journal (I use and love Day One app).

Besides creating a daily photo taking habit, these prompts can help us to look around ourselves and notice the little things that are always there but sometimes we don’t even see (for whatever reason). I completed January’s prompts effortlessly (thanks to my iWatch reminders) and honestly most of the photos I took wouldn’t have been taken if I hadn’t come up with this idea.

Having all that said (thanks for reading!), I would like to know if you have other method to ensure that you capture all the little details from everyday life or if you think that my challenge idea would help you to do so.