2020 Guiding Word

I can’t remember the exact moment when flourish found me. One of my first thoughts about it was that it felt like a continuation of my 2019 word, cultivate. I kept flourish even when at some point i found it cheesy and felt the need for a stronger bolder word such as commit, discipline or determination. In fact, i had to convince myself a little to keep that word for 2020. Feeling a connection with cultivate really helped me to decide.

MHN Image from Pinterest

Cultivate is an extremely meaningful word for me (I talk about my experience with it here) and my hope for flourish is to continue the growth that I started in therapy and with cultivate as my companion. I intend to grow and learn at least in five aspects of my life: overall health, mental health, creativity, finances and home. Pretty cliché and predictable, I know. For 2020 I’ve decided to explore theses five aspects and in which ways they can help me to flourish, but I won’t put any pressure or guilt or judgement on myself.  I feel like whenever I put pressure on myself to do something, I just push myself into procrastination and detachment.

So yes, flourish

After my experience with the One Little Word workshop, I decided that I won’t register again this year. It was a great experience through which I learned very much about myself, but I need something that keeps me connected to my word with more regularity. Most OLW prompts could be completed in one sitting, which made me lost contact with my word for the rest of the month. I do recommend the workshop 200%, but I need something that works for me and that helps me to make the most of my word.

I looked for “word of the year” activities ideas but couldn’t found anything interesting, so I decided to do two these things:

  • Focus each week on one of my five improvement areas (and repeat throughout the year). For each improvement area, I will try to make small changes or challenges through seven days and then write a bit about how it went and how I felt.

Health– No junk food week
Mental health– Social media free week
Creativity– Watch one YouTube tutorial or video about drawing, graphic design or photography
Finances– No spend week
Home– Declutter and organize one closet or drawer

During week one I will write about my intentions and “reason why” for my word (I got this idea from OLW’s workshop), week 27 will be for a mid-year check in and week 53 will be for a yearly review.

  • Answer one prompt each week about the Enneagram- I bought a book full of journaling prompts for each Enneagram type and I intend to answer at least one each week.

I will document about both activities in my Bits and Pieces (commonplace) Book.

I feel like this is a more simple way to work on my word in spite of the weekly approach. And removing the creative part of the OLW workshop will also help me to focus and connect more with my word, and to explore what it can add to my life.

I hope that flourish surprises me like cultivate did. I hope I can accomplish what I intend to do. I hope that my word brings positive things to my life and encourages learning and growth. And I definitely hope to keep choosing a word each year for the rest of my life.

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