Memory Keeping (and other projects) Plans for 2020

I have been thinking about my memory keeping plans for 2020 since probably September or October. I ended up making my final plans during the last weeks of December after I looked back and saw which projects were successful and which weren’t (and why). I shared a bit about that in this post. Now I’ll share the ideas I have for 2020 regarding my memory keeping/creative projects and other endeavors (omg that sounded fancy!).

Memory keeping projects

Life Book– This is my 10th year documenting my life throughout the year and I plan to keep this project forever and long as I am able to. I shared about my 2019 Life Book plans here. Year after year I try to simplify my process even more and here are my main ideas/rules for this

  • 8×10 (portrait) size to print at the end of the year through Blurb
  • Just words and photos (open to use minimal digital elements from AE, PP or myself)
  • Weekly format (2-4 pages per week)
  • Simple pre-made (by myself) templates using Affinity Photo iPad app
  • Journaling prompts: “this week” and “from this week I want to remember…” to briefly describe what we did (longer of deeper stories will go to the commonplace book). Journaling will still be in Spanish. I will try to keep up to date by adding photos and taking notes daily using the Day One journal app, my favorite app ever.

Commonplace book– This will be the year for this project!!! I grabbed the idea from Shannan Manton. It will contain all the bits and pieces of the year (memes, conversations, longer stories, news, recipes, books, movies, tv shows…), and my Word of The Year and Just Write pages. I will try not to get into additional memory keeping projects such as Week in The Life or December Daily. But if I can’t help it, those pages will also go into the Commonplace book (whose name will be Chapters 2020!).

  • 6×9 (portrait) size to print at the end of the year through Blurb
  • Just words and photos (open to use minimal digital elements from AE, PP or myself)
  • Simple premade templates (using Affinity Photo iPad app)

Just Write– I will keep up with my Just Write subscriptions and whatever I write will go to Chapters book.

Other stuff

Word of the year– I will choose a word again for the new year but will address to it differently (won’t sign up for Ali’s workshop). Whatever I write or create related my word will also go to the Chapters book.

Treasures– Treasures is my 5×5 sketchbook and I will continue to draw and color (using just colored pencils) my feelings, experiences and thoughts. I don’t want to put pressure on myself to finish certain amount of drawings on X frequency. This will continue to be a just for fun insightful little project.

Blog Life at 309– I will continue to write here, hopefully once a week or every other week. Nothing specific or structured. I want to keep sharing memory keeping related stuff as well as thoughts about life and the things that I love.

Home improvements– For my 5th year anniversary as a homeowner, I would like to start taking care of the things that have started to deteriorate such as paint, fixtures, etc… Of course I would like to give a little makeover to our bedroom but I still need to make a plan and see if we can afford it.

Reading– I would love to read one book per month. I would love to follow a reading challenge to have more ample variety of literary genre options. But during 2019 I had a hard time with reading and although I love and enjoy fiction, I won’t force myself through it. I’ll just keep browsing for interesting titles and see what happens.

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