2020 Planning

Even if I just used my 2019 planner for three months, for this year I decided to try a new planner. After fighitng the impulse of getting myself a Golden Coil planner (for now I can't afford a $80 planner plus tax and shipping no matter how gorgeous and customizable it is), I decided to [...]

2019 End of year review

I love quizzes and surveys so I decided to complete some end of year questions for 2019. Disclaimer: you’ll find a lot the word “therapy” here. What did you do in 2019 that you’d never done before? Going to therapy Traveling with Eduardo Purchasing a new car Adopting a female dog Taking the Enneagram test [...]

2020 Guiding Word

I can’t remember the exact moment when flourish found me. One of my first thoughts about it was that it felt like a continuation of my 2019 word, cultivate. I kept flourish even when at some point i found it cheesy and felt the need for a stronger bolder word such as commit, discipline or [...]