One Little Word: December 2019

I think this is the first project (besides my Life Books) that I follow through and entire year and I’m proud af. It has been a thought provoking journey full of learning and cultivating. And it ended with a final reflection on facts, feelings and the things I want to remember. This month’s assignment is in my top three favorites from Ali’s workshop.

For this month I also reviewed my January intentions and it was interesting to see how they evolved and where my word took me to. I am happy that it took me where it did.

I want to remember that 2019 was the year that I got things done, not all and not perfectly, but I got so much done. And also, I started therapy. I remember myself saying “I wont pay someone to tell me what I already know”. And I was so so wrong!!! Therapy was the best decision and it taught me among many things, that I know so little! Documenting that journey on this project was wonderful. I had been wanting to choose a word for very long and I finally did it exactly in the right moment.

Besides the prompts, I chose one photo of each month where I can see my word manifesting.

Jan- Our trip to Spain
Feb- Adopting Joy
Mar- Buying my first new car
Apr- When my brother and sister in law asked me to be my niece’s godmother
May- Meeting my friends for lunch
Jun- Trips in Eduardo’s sister’s boat
Jul- Spending the 4th of July weekend in Culebra
Aug- Meeting my friends for dinner
Sep- Eating in a farm to table restaurant
Oct- Isarelis’ baptism
Nov- Drawing my feelings
Dec- Enjoying the Christmas vibe and cozyness at home with my little fam

I create my pages on my iPad using the Affinity Photo app which have functionalities similar to Photoshop. The handwritten text is added using Procreate (also an iPad app) which I love love love!

You can read about my other OLW pages here.

One Little Word is a year long project started by the awesome Ali Edwards in 2006 where she choses a word to focus on, meditate, and reflect on throughout the year.

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