December Stories Plan

“Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us”. -David Cameron

I was supposed to make plans for December (and write about it here) but then I noticed that December is actually next Sunday and I freaked out. This is my first year doing December Daily and the first year in ages that I feel actually excited about the holidays. So yes, December 2019 is worth celebrating and documenting.

My first ever December Daily project

I chose the December Daily approach simply because I love Ali Edwards. There’s no other explanation. And having that clear, I knew that I also wanted to try DD digitals instead of doing simple photo words pages as I have done through this year. I chose the Paislee Press kit and created simple foundation pages in Affinity Photo app(here and here are two great tutorials to work with Affinity on your iPad). Since I have all my foundation pages ready and the embellishments organized, I am hoping I can work every day on the pages of the previous day (besides taking photos, I will be taking notes in my Notes iPhone app).

Unbelievably, choosing and prepping was easy. There was no overthinking. But the “not that easy” part was thinking about what I was going to document since my December days are days just like the others. Here in Puerto Rico there are very few Christmas traditions left and US traditions are not very popular in most households. So the big question was “what the heck I am going to fill my December Daily album with?”.

The stories I will tell this December

Sometimes memories and experiences are spontaneous, sometimes we make stuff happen purposefully. And that’s what I’ll be doing this December: creating memories. I will do things I have never done before and things that I haven’t done in years. Some things involve other people (family friends) and others it is just myself. I will just celebrate 2019 and my mental health journey during my favorite holiday season and the most happy month of the year.

December bucket list

To build my December bucket list, I made a list of things that I wanted to do and also looked for Christmas traditions ideas on Pinterest. I divided my list in two: things I could do on my and group activities. The main purpose of this list was to fill the days that I know are more “normal” and make sure that I have something fun to do, capture and put in my album. I hope that most of the things in my list become a tradition to enjoy and inspire not only me but the people around me.

Things I am hoping to do on December

Things to do on my own:

  1. Christmas movies at home
  2. Christmas movie at theater
  3. Christmas tree decorations
  4. Christmas songs drinks
  5. Cookie baking
  6. Dog treat baking
  7. Light seeing
  8. Gift wrapping
  9. Gift shopping
  10. Pay it forward at Starbucks
  11. Choose a meaningful ornament
  12. How my town is decorated
  13. Write Christmas postcards
  14. Take Joy to see Christmas lights
  15. Wear an ugly sweater
  16. Year in review
  17. Open presents Christmas Eve
  18. Champagne in bed on Christmas day
  19. Cook family recipe
  20. My letter to Santa
  21. Donate gift
  22. Christmas pjs game night
  23. Hot chocolate recipe
  24. Donate to dog shelter
  25. Christmas book
  26. Elf on the shelf
  27. Old anecdotes

Things I would like to do with more people:

  1. Christmas romantic date
  2. Aunt and uncle day
  3. Family photo
  4. Family dinner at home
  5. Friend’s beer tasting at home
  6. Chinchorreo
  7. Dinner with friends
  8. Work Christmas party
  9. Family party
  10. Parranda
  11. Christmas car picnic

After I made my list, I made a tentative calendar for the first 25 days of December trying to fill my weekdays with activities to do on my own and of course being open to change and unexpected things. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do most of them or just a few. I am pretty excited about December and I hope that I can do my best to welcome positive thoughts and feelings and make December 2019 a very happy and unforgettable month.