2020 Intentions

“Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome.” -Brenna Yovanoff

Reporting the status of the things I said I would do, always feels like a walk of shame (for me). Nonetheless, I always learn something valuable. It happened with my “intention” setting for 2019. I set “intentions” because using the word “goals” seemed overwhelming. But did I ponder over the true and literal meaning of “intentions”? No, of course.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, a goal is the end toward which effort is directed and an intention is a determination to act in a certain way. Simply said, a goal is an outcome and an intention is an energy that makes that outcome a reality. Understanding that, I now know that my “intentions” for 2019 were just goals after all.

Having this knowledge, I now have the opportunity of declaring my intentions and identify goals that can happen as a result. For example: I intend to adopt a healthier lifestyle living like this in order to lose weight, prevent diseases and feel more energized. I don’t want to use these intentions to keep encouraging laziness, mediocrity and procrastination but, honestly, I do not intend to submit myself another year to the expectations of goal setting to end up suffering at the mercy of my judgmental self (yes, I am that tragic).

For 2020 I am going to try again and do things right (for me), learn in the process and be open to changes (as I have been doing lately). I will declare my intentions inspired in all the things I learned through my mental health journey in 2019 and identify what things I can make happen from starting from there. Since I’ve had a hard time keeping the promises I make to myself (most times done under unrealistic scenarios) this new year I am just choosing to try to do the best I can do.

I’m choosing projects and activities powered by those intentions and aligned with my circumstances and possibilities (mostly regarding money and time). I’m choosing this instead of raising the bar too high to end up feeling disappointed and writing another “walk of shame” post at the end of the year.

Of course, I can choose to be determined and committed to actually achieve certain goals, but that’s not how it has worked for me in the past years. Being honest with myself, acknowledging my process, taking time to learn from the things that have worked and the ones that haven’t, etc. is the first step to live an intentional life.

This new year I will be focusing in five areas of my life in which I would like to be more intentional: physical health, mental health, creativity, finances and home life.

I intend to make healthier choices on a daily basis.

  • Actions: listening to my body to identify real hunger cues, identifying ways I feel confortable with to move my body more, saying no to processed foods more often, making time to relax and rest, trying natural products, reducing screen time…
  • Goals: lose weight, disease prevention, feeling more energized, be more present, improve my overall wellbeing…

I intend to apply all that I have learned in therapy and The Four Agreements book.

  • Actions: reframing negative thoughts, stop making assumptions, stop taking things personally, always doing the best I can, keeping my word, stop pointing out my flaws to let people know that I’m aware of them, acknowledging that other people’s perception of me is not my responsibility…
  • Goals: improve my relationship with myself and my body, improve and nurture my relationship with others, communicating my needs and opinions with respect, showing up more, feeling motivated to make plans to spend time with people I love, stop apologizing for things I shouldn’t apologize…

I intend to make time every day to express and nurture my creativity.

  • Actions: assessing my routines to make space for drawing, reading, writing and memory keeping, being aware of changes and embracing them, planning, establishing priorities…
  • Goals: express myself through art, acquire new knowledge and inspiration through reading, document my life and experiences through writing and memory keeping…

I intend to make my saving account grow.

  • Actions: monitoring my spending, refraining myself of making unnecessary purchases, eating more at home, making coffee at home, setting a monthly saving goal that is realistic and doable, not using my credit card…
  • Goals: have an emergency fund, save money for traveling and paying debt off, get more confortable financially so we can move to a house in a near future…

I intend to keep a minimalist clutter free cozy home.

  • Actions: repurposing items, donating stuff I won’t use, keeping decoration minimal, refraining myself from buying unnecessary items, organizing the closets and drawers, knowing what I have at home…
  • Goals: turn my apartment into our happy place, help the environment, give unused objects a second chance to be useful (at home or by donating them), make the most of what we already have, save money…

I feel deeply connected with the words expressed here today. There is no “becoming a millionaire” or “traveling the world” goals; I just want to live a meaningful enjoyable life while making an effort to be a better human.

PS. I might have found here my guiding word and my companion word for 2020… (wink)

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