One Little Word: August 2019

August was all about writing “the stories I am telling myself”. I discovered that concept not long ago on Instragram and I started to practice it along with therapy. It really surprised me (in the best way) when I saw it as a OLW prompt. In terms of my productivity, this a month wasn’t any different to June and July. I was still taking a break from pressuring myself to do things (even the things I love to do and make me happy).

What I loved

I totally loved that this prompt was a perfect companion to therapy and the things I am working on to improve my mental health and well being. I chose to write about the stories I am telling myself about body image and self love, about asking too much of myself, about my relationship to others, and about my mental health progress. There are so many stories that we tell ourselves that make us feel miserable and this practice is perfect to learn to reframe those stories.

For example, the story I am telling myself about my body: I am less worthy and less beautiful because I have gained 35 pounds in the past 18 months. A way to reframe that story would be: I am ashamed about my body image because I have agreed with the image of perfection and beauty that other people created and imposed before me, and my self worth has nothing to do with it.

It is a great exercise to practice on a regular basis especially if we have ideas that bother us and affect our relationship with ourselves and others.

What I didn’t love

This prompt has been one of my favorites so far and the only thing that I didn’t like about it has nothing to do with the prompt itself. I don’t like the idea that this concept is being awarded to author Brené Brown all over the Internet when it has actually been an older concept in the psychology field.

You can read about my other OLW pages here.

One Little Word is a year long project started by the awesome Ali Edwards in 2006 where she choses a word to focus on, meditate, and reflect on throughout the year.

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