Writing life stories every day

There are two major changes that I have been incorporating in my memory keeping for more than a month, and I already can see a positive difference in my process. Today I will share one of them which is writing at least tree facts and feelings about life every single day.

March’s One Little Word prompt changed for good the way I am approaching memory keeping. We had to choose something to do repeatedly each day through the whole month. I chose to write every morning three things (facts or feelings) that happened the day before. It became a habit and part of my life and I can’t be more happy and proud about it. It helps me not only to capture the little details that end up being forgotten, but also it helps me to be more present and aware of my own life and feelings.

I am using the Day One app (because it is beautifully designed and includes many useful features), but this can simply be done in a notebook, journal, or any note taking software or app (including the native Notes app from the cellphone). I use hashtags to identify my stories (mornings, evenings, work, places and spaces, interactions, house chores, favorites, entertainment, errands…) to make it easier to choose which and how I will tell those stories.

Making storytelling a daily habit ensures that no story ends up forgotten. It is a very simple and rewarding practice. It doesn’t require special skills or medium, just a little notebook and a pen or whatever works for you. If the journaling is the hardest part of this hobby, I highly recommend to take 3-5 minutes a day to write down facts and feelings about life.

Tomorrow I will be sharing the second thing I have been trying to improve my process and get more stories told hoping it will inspire someone who feels behind or frustrated with their memory keeping process.

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