Life Book 2019 update

Some memory keepers and scrapbookers often start the New Year with big plans for our hobby. Sometimes that plan includes changing our process, and trying new products and things. According to my own experience, by the first quarter of the year we are already behind, still catching up on past years projects and feeling guilty because of it.

I also had a “big plan” that I have been able to follow almost in its entirety in terms of the project design and content, but I am doing things a bit differently in terms of organization. Today I am going to review my initial plan, what worked and what didn’t, and how I have been moving forward in my memory keeping through learning more about my workflow, embracing changes of plans, avoiding comparison and exploring alternatives that work for me.

Initial plans: what worked and what didn’t

    I will not use the pocket page system. – I am not using pocket pages.
    I will include more journaling in Spanish. – This is totally happening (with a bit of Spanglish) and I am very happy that I did it.
    I will focus on writing stories about the following ten themes: routines, mornings, evenings, spaces (home), places, milestones, connections (relationships), favorites, celebrations and unexpected events. – This is also happening but I still need more stucture and to improve my storytelling.
    I will not include screenshots of any sort; only typed words and photos. – I am not including screenshots (only images from books I´m reading, and movies and TV shows I´m watching).
    Digital memorabilia will go to a digital Commonplace Book. – I removed this project from my list because I did not feel motivated to work on it. I will consider it for the future because I love the idea.
    If needed, the only digital embellishments I would use are the Ali Edwards products that I already own. – For now I have just used Ali’s “thick months” as monthly dividers.
    I will change the size from 10X10 to 8×10. – I did.
    I will consider using a different printing service. – I am creating my pages in Affinity and importing them into Blurb software.
    I will not divide my layouts per week but I will work on the stories everyday before bedtime (hopefully). – I am dividing my pages by month and I am writing stories and facts on a daily basis.
    I will take notes on my phone or notebook for potential story ideas. – I am taking notes using Day One app both on my iPhone and iPad.
    I will create layered templates using the Affinity Photo app. I will complete the pages weekly and then will transfer them monthly to full page canvases in Shutterfly or Blurb. – I am creating my pages using Affinity Photo but working on this project more randomly than structutred.

Except for the Commonplace Book, I have been able to stick to all of my initial intentions but I am always open for changes and improvements as long as they encourage storytelling and capturing every day life through words and photos.

In the next couple of days I will be sharing about two things I have been doing to improve my process and get more stories told hoping it will inspire someone who feels behind or frustrated with their memory keeping process.

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