One Little Word: April 2019

Although we haven’t even reached the middle of the year yet, I am surprised that I have come this far with my One Little Word project. One of the things I am most grateful for is to be able to follow along these four months because I am learning so so much about myself in the process. I don’t want to sound selfish but it has been more about myself than about my word. In this season of life, getting to know me and embracing myself has been and will be the most important thing to keep me going.  

April’s assignment helped me through this learning journey especially since we had to answer to the following weekly prompts: “I am…”, “I give myself permission to…”, “I am learning…”, and “I feel most alive when…”

Reason why:

Through the weekly prompts I hoped to assess and visualize my word and my yearly intentions regarding the person I am today.

Ways this prompt helped me to connect with my word:

  • This prompt was, for me, all about visualization through words (contrary to the February prompt). It let me express myself about… myself! By describing who I am right now, I am exploring about the things that I, naturally or by circumstance, cultivate in my life. The things I put effort and time cultivating are (mostly) who I am and who I want to become.
  • Writing about the things “I give myself permission to” do or think or say, in this case, tell the story of my struggles. These are the things that I often (for whatever reason) I find hard to cultivate but still I try.
  • When I mention the things that I am learning right now, I am also showing how I am cultivating kindness and goodness within myself in order to understand and embrace life and all the changes that come with this season. I want to learn how to cultivate kindness, acceptance, respect, tolerance, healthy habits, creative time…
  • Making a list of the things that make me feel most alive was a very interesting way to see my word in action. “Cultivate”, the way I’ve chosen it, is a very positive word, and the things that I chose to cultivate this year are the things that make me thrive and, of course, the ones that make me feel most alive.

You can read about my other prompts here: Jan Feb Mar

One Little Word is a year long project started by the awesome Ali Edwards in 2006 where she choses a word to focus on, meditate, and reflect on throughout the year.

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