One Little Word: February 2019

When I read February’s OLW prompt, I must confess that I rolled my eyes. I am not a fan of collages (and the mess that it’s involved). Fortunately, I am working on this project digitally which made the process a lot less messy than it is supposed to be when you’re cutting and pasting stuff from maganzines. For many people this is a fun thing to do but not for me (I even skipped the prompt in 2015 when I (tried) to complete this workshop) and that’s okay. But I was committed to give it a try and explore my words through images.

Reason why– For this assignment I hoped to visualize my word through images of things and actions I would like to see in my life.

Ways this month’s prompt helped me to connect with my word– Visualizing my word through images (from Pinterest) gave me an idea of how “cultivate” would look in real life. It gave me solid imagery of actions I could perform and ideas that I could use as inspiration. I am willing to take a look at this collage along with reviewing each month’s assignment to keep myself inspired and aware of the things my word can do.

Collage was made on my iPhone using the Over app.

You can read about my January prompt here.

One Little Word is a year long project started by the awesome Ali Edwards in 2006 where she chose a word to focus on, meditate, and reflect on throughout the year.

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