One Little Word – January 2019

Back in 2015 I purchased the One Little Word yearlong workshop and it was a complete failure. I made it only through the March prompts (and I skipped February). Why? I purchased the workshop because everybody else was on it. I never really put my time and herat on the project. Fast forward to 2019, I saw One Little Word as an opportunity to have a guide word through the new year given the fact that I had a great interest on accomplishing certain intentions and projects.

My word didn’t come to me. I had to think hard. I knew I wanted something to encourage action and committment regarding my intentions for the year. I also completed (most of) the Find Your Word workbook from Susannah Conway which was very helpful and insightful.

I decided to work on this project digitally using the Affinity Photo app in my iPad and creating layered templates to integrate the assignments, photos and embellishments from the digital kit (included with the workshop).

Reason why– When I chose CULTIVATE, I did it with the idea of actually “harvesting” the things that I already knew, the things that learned while spending so much time scrolling, and browsing in the the world wide web during 2018 (a.k.a. procrastinating instead of doing). On January, I pictured how my life would be if I cultivated my creativity, my skills, my self love, my tolerance and understandig of others, a healthy lifestyle, etc… Having a guide word adds value, encouragement and meaning to my life and the actions I perform in order to achieve my intentions.

Ways this month’s prompt helped me to connect with my word– January’s prompt was mostly about getting to know my word and making a plan for the year. Through this month’s assignemt I learned about the definition of my word and which ways it is aligned with my intentions for 2019. I expressed which things were stopping me from getting stuff done while aknowledging that I had to commit to let those things go. At the same time, making this assessmenttnt helped me to shape and polish my intentions from my word’s point of view so I could work on both things althogether.

I have big hopes for this project as well as for my ten intentions especially becasue I started it for a meaningful reason. I’ve had the chance identifying why all my projects and wishes were failing and all I need is committment and determination to cultivate what works and what makes my life better.

One Little Word is a year long project started by the awesome Ali Edwards in 2006 where she chose a word to focus on, meditate, and reflect on throughout the year.

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