On trying again

(Lee la versión en español aquí) A couple of years ago I decided to start a blog to share my projects on my favorite hobby: scrapbooking and memory keeping. If I remember correctly, that first attempt lasted 1 year during which I kept sharing images from my albums and some details of my life. When [...]

Life Book 1Q 2020

These past two years I have chosen a very minimal way to document my memories. I have been using little or no scrapbooking products making my main focus words and photos. For that reason I have been hesitant to share my pages; I think that they have nothing extravagant that could inspire others. I know [...]

Currently around here

It seems that March is the month where all the new year magic vanishes for me. Apparently in March the pages of my planner stay blank and my projects fall behind. The past few weeks it has been just my basic life obligations and my phone. I know I feel low or anxious or depressed [...]

Photo a day challenge

One of the things I miss every year in my memory keeping projects is that sometimes I don’t take photos of certain things throughout the year. And by certain things I mean very simple things from everyday life that often go unseen. Taking photos of everyday stuffTo make sure I add a bit of everything, [...]